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Vengaiyin Maindhan Tamil Novel.pdf shuranto




Post navigation DIABLO, A SEAL Among Us By John J. “Shine” McCarthy. We are all heroes. We are all villians. At one time or another in our lives we’ve seen the situation where an innocent young man or woman was engaged in a conflict with law enforcement, military or security personnel in their own country. We are all familiar with the universal signs of distress and fear that accompany any such encounter. We are familiar with the details of the situations that lead to the escalation of violence, often ending in death or injury. It may happen to your neighbors. It may happen to your family. It may happen to you. And it does. I have seen more than my share of such confrontations, though usually not at first hand. It is no fun to watch, and it is no fun to endure, especially as the stress and tension of a situation escalate. In such a situation it is never about a particular law, policy or rule. It is about the totality of all of them, and how they interact with one another. Those who deal with such situations are usually expert, and they carefully plan their actions and reactions. They are more concerned with the behavior of the individual than with the law. So, why do some of us step forward, regardless of the dangers, to help a wounded person who is in need of protection, help or aid? Why do we want to step in and put our life on the line in such a manner? It may happen because we have a close connection with the person. It may happen because we have a close connection with the person’s family. It may happen because we have a close connection with the situation. Whatever the case, it is because we understand the importance of the moment. I have experienced such a situation in Afghanistan. It was August, 2009. A young man and a woman, both Afghan nationals, had been arrested by members of the Afghan National Police (ANP) for suspected involvement in the assassination of the head of the Afghan Air Force (AAF) two days earlier. The couple was being held in the ANP headquarters when a crowd of angry protesters gathered outside. I had just arrived in Afghanistan, and was with a small group of people representing a nonprofit group. We were there to present information about a project that we were sponsoring. The young couple was among those who stood in the crowd, and in the



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Vengaiyin Maindhan Tamil Novel.pdf shuranto
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