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Microblading Client Forms

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Client forms are not usually covered in a microblading training course. With only 2 or 3 days to teach a massive amount of information there is usually no time, yet, as microblading artists we absolutely have to have them in order to run our business.

When I started microblading client forms were maybe the most confusing part of the business. Not much was said about them in the course I took, so I wasn't clear on what was needed in the legal arena or why.

Client forms are more available than they used to be, to be sure, but there is still a mysterious cloud around them.

Which forms do we need and why?

There are many things we need to know about our clients before we can responsibly microblade their eyebrows.

We need to know what medications they are on (blood thinners are a problem) and what face products they are using (Retin-A is a no no).

Does she/he have a previous brow tattoo? If she/he does, how old is it?

Is she/he a diabetic? That can affect the healing.

There are too many important questions to ask to rely on our memories alone to remember them all, but even if we could, we would still need written proof that all the facts were disclosed, which is why we have the risks and hazards form.

Taking a client's before and after picture is not optional, we need it for insurance purposes, but if we have any intentions of using their picture for promotional purposes, we will need their written consent. That's where the Model Release form comes in.

And then, of course, the most important one is the microblading consent form.

There are 7 forms I use in my practice:

1. Microblading Client Information

2. The Before Care Form

3. Possible Risks and Hazards

4. Client Medical History

5. Model Release

6. Microblading Consent

7. After Care

Plus, I've created 2 for Microshading:

Microshading Client Information

Microshading Consent

If you do tattoo removal, you'll need an 8th form. A tattoo removal consent form.

There are plenty of beautiful forms for sale on Etsy if you need them, or you could spend a whole day making them on the computer, like I did.

However, here's the good news, I already did it so you don't have to.

I made them with no logo so you could add your own, and I made some for microshading because you asked me to.

I want to give you all the microblading forms absolutely FREE!

That's right, free, not even an email is required.

Just go to and download to your heart's consent (pun intended)



To learn more about an amazing online course on microblading, go to:

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