* A Perfect Complement To Any Training

* Great To Read Before A Training. Show Up Well          Prepared. Maximize Your Investment.

* Explains Every Topic In A Precise And Easy To            Understand Way.

* Learn Tips And Tricks From Industry Experts

* Reading The Microblading Bible Will Leave                  You Feeling  Confident In Your Abilities.

The Microblading Bible Book Cover

The Microblading Book Most  Recommended By Trainers

Some of the microblading topics can be confusing and hard to grasp even after having taken a training.

   This book will break everything down in easy to understand steps.



    Microblading books will typically present only the point of view of the person who wrote it.

The Microblading Bible bring you tips and advice from

some of our top industry experts.

Microblading blades

You will feel confident and well prepared.

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Table of Contents
Book Reviews
Microblaing tools
  • Great Reference Manual for the Microblading Professional

  • Detailed Information on Every Microblading Topic

  • Best Practice for Getting Clean, Clear Strokes

  • Best healing techniques

  • Best Numbing Practices

  • Every Client Form Needed Including Model Photo Release

Book Reviews

A well researched and well-written book. Lots of insider tips and tricks that typically take years to learn.


Microblading Trainer and

Industry Expert

since 2008

This book is a must-have for every microblading student. A recommended read for anyone thinking of taking a training.


Microblading Trainer

My Story

 A while back, I took a 3-day course in microblading, and although the teacher was good and very knowledgeable, I found the course, like all the courses I’ve taken, to be lacking in detailed information. I still had so many questions which were left unanswered.

 I set out to find answers but found there was nothing that could answer all my questions without taking yet another class and spending thousands of dollars more.

I emailed, messengered and Facebooked tons of people. I followed all the microblading boards, asked hundreds of questions and even discovered new ones I didn’t know I had.

Then, there were a lot of opposing viewpoints where both sides made sense. Opposing viewpoints for how to properly heal the brows, or whether to numb or not before the first strokes. I looked for microblading books but found only one that was so general in its information, it was more of a pamphlet than a book, with very little usable information.

Thankfully, research is what I love to do when I’m not microblading someone’s eyebrows. So, after a lot of exhaustive research, I was able to get all the information I needed to become the kind of artist I wanted to be.

This book is the result of all of my research and is a detailed journal of all the things I’ve learned.  

        Every expert has different techniques and different advice and tips to teach, so I went to some of the top experts in this 

                                   field and got their best tips and advice for you to read in The Microblading Bible. 


By far the most helpful and informative were the women on the microblading Facebook groups. The women on these boards have been the kindest, most knowledgeable and most generous people I have met. They shared some tips and  secrets you won’t find in any training, no matter how good. They were so ready and willing to share their knowledge.

A true sisterhood.

To all of you, I thank you.

Writing this, it filled in a lot of gaps and answered many questions, and even gave me expert tips and tricks that would've taken years to learn on my own.microblading book has been like taking an advanced class in microblading

My hope is that it will do the same for you.  


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